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Your mainland home in The Woodlands, Texas

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People from all over the world live in The Woodlands, Texas. It is located just north of the energy corridor in Houston. Many businesses are now locating their headquarters in The Woodlands because of the great environment for businesses and families.

Exxon Mobil has recently built their world headquarters just south of The Woodlands. They are building another community called Springwoods Village that may be even better than The Woodlands.

Living in Cambodia has many opportunities for business, but you may also want to have a home back in the United States. The Woodlands is a perfect choice for your mainland home.

Cambodian Real Estate

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Cambodia has very liberal government policies that allow businesses to thrive. There are also low wages in Cambodia. This makes Cambodia the perfect place to live and own a business.

There is also access to the entire business environment in eastern Asia. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for western businesses. The demand for real estate in Cambodia is growing as more people find out about the opportunities available here.

There are many great place to live in Cambodia, but you should also consider your home a great investment!